Welcome to my blog! My name is Andrew Saragossi and I am a saxophonist from Brisbane, AUS. I am currently based in the Netherlands studying a Master of Music Performance degree at Conservatorium Maastricht.

My main focus for this study/research is based around the unconventional approaches to saxophone performance, improvisation and composition. This concept stems from a feeling of limitation with regards to how I, as a saxophonist, can contribute to any given musical situation. In jazz/improvised music, the saxophone nearly always occupies a melodic function as the “voice” of the tune/piece and whilst this is certainly an exciting part of playing the saxophone, I find myself becoming more enamoured by rhythm section players because of how varied their musical roles and functions are as well as how much power and influence they have to affect the whole sound and direction of band at any given moment.

By the end of my study/research I hope to be able to discover, learn and develop alternate methods to approaching saxophone performance and composition by exploring both conventional and extended instrumental techniques and apply them in my own creative output (with a big focus on my duo collaboration Meatshell featuring my partner and Double Bassist, Helen Svoboda). It is my intention to share my sources, methods, inspirations and progress here in this blog and hope it might be interesting and beneficial to other saxophonists who are interested in this area.

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