11. Circular Breathing 2

In this post I will discuss my experience in learning the technique of circular breathing as well as delving into some problem areas on the instrument which I faced in learning the technique. I will delve into more specific and advanced problems which I am still solving in a later post. Getting Started: There is... Continue Reading →

10. John Coltrane "Harmonique"

I was pleasantly surprised recently when I came across this piece of John Coltrane entitled "Harmonique" from his 1961 release "Coltrane Jazz" through Atlantic Records. What is interesting about the composition is that Coltrane incorporates consonant and harmonically functional multiphonics into the melody of the song. *NOTE: All references to chords/pitches are in context for... Continue Reading →

9. Circular Breathing 1

When trying to occupy unconventional/accompanying roles on the saxophone, one glaring issue arises; the duration of the sound is inevitably limited by breath. Depending on the note/register (as they require different amounts of air pressure/speed/support to maintain) my duration would range anywhere between 8 - 25 seconds. This of course isn't always a problem, not... Continue Reading →

8. Multiphonics 3

In my attempt to allocate multiphonics into different groups and sub-groups which are useful to myself (and hopefully others) I will break them up taking the following into consideration; (i) uniformity of sound/texture, (ii) interval(s) produced, (iii) volume required, (iv) harmonic functionality etc. It is also worth noting that I am also trying to limit... Continue Reading →

7. Colin Stetson “All this I do for Glory”

Colin Stetson is one of the most influential saxophonists on the planet for me with regard to unique approach and ability to occupy different musical roles simultaneously in his playing. Through his use of extended techniques and manipulation of sound through extensive and creative use of different microphones and mixing techniques, he creates music that... Continue Reading →

6. Multiphonics 2

Fingerings/Classifications After discovering how and why multiphonics are produced on the saxophone, the next step is to discover all the possibilities (fingerings/air pressure/volume/ timbre etc.) and then learn/classify them in a way which allows you to think about them and apply them in a musical context. In my search, I was encouraged by German saxophonist... Continue Reading →

5. Multiphonics 1

What is a multiphonic? A multiphonic is a phenomenon where two (or more) distinctly perceivable pitches are produced simultaneously on an instrument which was built to generally only produce one fundamental pitch at a time - the saxophone being one example of such an instrument. Whilst the scope of my research does not cover in... Continue Reading →

4. DUO Sessions #1 w/Sebastian Stert (BAX)

I am excited to share the first in this continual series of "DUO Sessions" where I aim to put into practice the new techniques and language I am developing for my Masters study. Through reflection, these sessions will allow me to better understand my tendencies, strengths and weaknesses as an improviser and accompanist as well... Continue Reading →

3. John Zorn Solo @ November Music Festival

I had the pleasure of experiencing a solo saxophone set from one of my heroes John Zorn at the November Music Festival in 's-Hertogenbosch last year. John is an American composer/arranger/saxophonist/improviser who has one of the most eclectic and varied discographies I have ever attempted to dig into. He is perhaps most well known for... Continue Reading →

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